Youtube Movie Maker - Easy to manage your videos on YouTube

Use Youtube Movie Maker to manage the uploaded or favorite videos on YouTube, quickly view the recent statistics about your videos on YouTube. Below we provide a step by step guide about how to use Youtube Movie Maker to manage videos on YouTube.

how to use Youtube Movie Maker to manage YouTube videos.

Step 1: Run Youtube Movie Maker, Press "Manage Videos" button.
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The program will goto "Manage Videos Module", like below.
promote uploaded youtube videos
Step 2: Press "Sign In Button" to sign in your YouTube account, once successfully sign in, you will view all uploaded videos in the list, like below.
Step 3: Mouse right click video in the list, you can remove uploaded videos from your channel, or modify the uploaded video's Title, Category, Tags, Description, Privacy, etc. like below.
Please Note:
  • 1. You can press "PreviousPage button" or "NextPage button" to view videos on other pages.
  • 2. You can press "Refresh button" to get the latest data.
  • 3. You can press "SingOut button" to logout the current account.
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