Youtube Movie Maker System Requirements

Youtube Movie Maker System Requirements.

1. Youtube Movie Maker based on Microsoft® DirectShow® technology, works well on Windows XP/Vista(32Bit and 64Bit)/7(32Bit and 64Bit)/8(32Bit and 64Bit)/10(32Bit and 64Bit), etc. need any one VGA card, and Directx 9 or higher.
2. Youtube Movie Maker use Microsoft .net technique, so your computer must install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above.
  • Windows Vista or later windows version already built-in Microsoft .NET Framework, only some old Windows XP computer dones't have Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • If your computer dones't have Microsoft .NET Framework, you could simply Click here to download Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, or download .Net Framework from Microsoft official website, or directly download and install the Youtube Movie Maker(Built-in Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0) version.
  • 3. You must have administrator permission on your computer when running Youtube Movie Maker.
    4. At least more than 2GB free disk space in the hard drive which be used to save Temporary Working Files.
  • Temporary Files Folder is very important, you can select "Options->Temporary Folder->Change..." to change the Temporary Files Folder.
  • The software need to save some temp working files on the Temporary Files Folder when make youtube videos.
  • The software need to convert the wrong profile videos to right profile and save on the Temporary Files Folder before upload onto Youtube.
  • The temporary files will be automatically deleted when quit Youtube Movie Maker.
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