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It's easy to Make Pro-quality 2D/3D video from various formats of videos, photos, musics, lyrics, texts, etc.
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It's easy to Make and Upload videos in batches onto YouTube without worrying about format, profile, etc.
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It's easy to manage and promote uploaded YouTube videos, get more real views on YouTube.
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Main Features
add videos, photos, pictures. add transitions, special effects add texts, titles, credits and logo mix videos, video in video, picture in picture add music, sound, narration
Edit/Make 2D/3D Movie Add transitions, mask and special effects Add texts, titles, credits and logo Mix videos(PIP Effect) Add/Mix musics/narration
Use any photos and video clips to make cool 2D or 3D YouTube movies, share with millions of youtube viewers, maybe you will be a next famous star. Make your movies more polished with great special effects, light and shadow effects, and professional-looking transition effects between scenes.

What are you doing in the movie? personalize the movie with your own logo, maintain your copyright. easy to add texts, credits, and logo to your movies to let the world knows.

Mix multiple videos on the same screen(PIP effect, videos in video/Pics in pic) with cool animation and shape. For example, we can easy to merge the facecam video with the gaming video, etc. No lag and high quality. Set the mood for your movie by giving it soundtracks. It's easy to add/mix multiple audios, musics, instrument sounds, or use your own voice to describe the scenes in your movie, voice-over is effective and simple to add.
lyrics video maker add animation, motion, shape record videos record screen videos record audios
Karaoke Video Maker
Lyrics Video Maker
Add Motion Effect Record/Capture Videos Record/Capture Screen Videos Capture/Record Audios
Built-in the best Karaoke and Lyrics video maker, easy to make the best 2D and 3D Karaoke videos or Lyrics videos with cool motion and special effects, you will be the next popular singer on the world. Have you imagine letting videos, pictures and texts moving? That's so cool, now easy to add motion effects onto the videos, pictures, texts, lyrics, subtitles, etc. easy to make cool animation movies for Youtube. Want to share your face, body, beauty, sexuality, mood, etc? Now that's easy, easy to record/capture videos from cameras or capture card, then share on youtube, let more people remember you. Want to share your gameplay, operation tutorial, product demo, etc? Now that's easy, easy to record computer screen videos, high efficiency and lossless quality, then share on youtube, help viewers to follow you. Want to share your voice, songs, narration, speech, etc? Now that's easy, easy to capture record audios from any audio device or audio input pin, then share on youtube, tell everybody what you want to say.
handwriting lyrics video maker draw graffiti change video colors change video shapes video chroma key, green screen
Handwriting Lyrics Video Draw Graffiti Beautify video Change shape of video Video Chroma Key
Green Screen
Create the unique Lyrics video with yourself Handwriting. Graffiti is very personal and expressive in nature, showcase your work, thinking or message through the unique graffiti drawing video. Adjust color, hue, saturation, brightnewss, contrast, etc. to beautify your videos and pictures. Change the shape of the video clips, circle, star, heart-shaped, etc. even the unique custom static or dynamic shape. Video Chroma Key is often called green screen because we usually use a green screen to remove and replace all the background of a video. The color that is being removed is referred to as "Color Range or Key Color".
speed up video, speed down video predefined Profile for youtube directly upload onto youtube edit videos for youtube two time line editing mode
Playback Speed Predefined Profile Directly Upload Powerful Video Editor TimeLine Mode
Want to Speed up or down the video? so easy, now you can customize the video and audio playback speed directly, easy to add fast motion or slow motion effect onto your video. Uploaded videos looks bad, fuzzy, distortion, etc, feel confused, now, with the predefined profiles, you can easy to make the best youtube videos, supports HD Youtube Videos. Upload a batch of videos to youtube, Sounds simple, but in fact, we encountered a lot of troubles, wait for a long time, format errors, length limit, size limit, etc, still confused? now, everything will become really simple without troubles, just simple. Built-in powerful video and audio editor, helps you easy to edit any formats videos and audios, such as cut, trim, split, join, merge, mix, rotate, crop, re-size, zoom in/out, mute, adjust volume, fade in/out, change video color, etc. Allows you to arrange video clips and pictures using a timeline, this will help you to add action, effects, texts, titles and background music at just the right moment easy.
easy to use promote videos for youtube supports all popular videos, pics, audios. high performance, supports QSV, etc. supports 32bit and 64bit
Drag, drop, easy to use Promote Youtube Videos High compatibility High Performance 32bit/64bit Windows
Hardware Acceleration
Just drag-and-drop Youtube movie making/editing, drag and drop to organize and edit the movie, for a newbie, still easy to use. Already have a youtube channel, and uploaded many videos, but no views, no subscribers, no likes. feel trouble? Now, use Youtube Movie Maker to promote videos, get more views on Youtube easy. Most movie maker software only supports few special video/audio formats, so we have to convert them between different formats, feel trouble? Now, use Youtube Movie Maker, it supports all popular video/audio formats. All-in-one Youtube Movie Maker, help you design, make, edit, capture, upload, publish, manage and promote youtube video fast and easy, being effective without wasting time or effort or expense. Supports 32bit and 64bit Windows, include Windows XP, Vista(32bit/64bit), Windows7(32bit/64bit), Windows8(32bit/64bit). And Hardware Acceleration is available on Intel® processors with Quick Sync Video(17X Faster).
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